Blizzcon 2010 recap

A lot has happened since I started this blog. I successfully completed my first cosplay and attended my first Blizzcon. It was a blast, and I am definitely looking forward to this year's costume build and spending some quality time with the other dedicated cosplayers at Blizzcon this October.

I unfortunately did not end up with any more progress photos after what I have posted already. My camera died and I was working long hours after work every night to get my costume completed in time.

I do, however, have photos of the end product as well as some of the people I met at Blizzcon 201
0. I met a lot of amazing cosplayers, many of them druids. Here's a photo of me standing with one. I remember following her cosplay.com thread about building Atiesh, and was excited to see the final product in person.

It's really amazing to be surrounded by such creative people who love making costumes. These are my people, and Blizzcon was such a blast. The community there was really something special.

A huge photoshoot was set up (I believe by Pocket of http://theoriginalpocket.com/) and we all crowded together for a group picture. There were several photographers and it was a great chance to see all of the costumes I didn't get a chance to view in the main hall.

I got a few good photos with Auriaya and the troll I met earlier, and spent some time hanging out with a few druids.

After the photoshoot, I ran into another druid! I can imagine how hot this costume must have been, but mad props to whoever built/wore that Tree costume. Poor thing was mobbed any time I saw him/her, with requests for pictures.

The costume contest/parade was a lot of fun, but sitting backstage for hours was not something I had prepared for. This year I am definitely making a costume that is properly weighted. I had issues with my shoulder armor being too heavy, large, and awkward which made the whole ordeal much less fun than it could have been.

So, if you are planning to enter the costume contest for the first time - Be Warned! You will have to do a lot of standing in one place.

While in line I met a bunch of people who had not been at the fountain photoshoot, including the contest winner D3 Monk ZerinaX as well as a Diablo Barbarian. It was a great experience, and after the contest I ran into one of my favorite costumes I'd seen the whole day. Professor Putricide! Seriously, how awesome is he? Only the awesomest.

Blizzcon was super fun times, I got to meet some of my guildmates and a ton of amazing cosplayers, and I get to go again this year!

I will be updating here more often with progress now that I've started working on my day 2 costume. If you're thinking about wearing a costume to Blizzcon, I highly suggest you think about joining the Aspects of Awesome burlesque/steamy dragonflight/NPC group for day two.

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